CRYA Is Working Hard To Improve Recreational Boating For Everyone!

Since 1933

The Columbia River Yachting Association (CRYA) Is Working Hard To Improve Recreational Boating for Everyone!

CRYA was founded in 1933 to encourage sailing and racing yachts on the Columbia River and its tributaries. A lot has changed since then, but today the CRYA represents 19 clubs and over 2000 members serving as a central coordinator for the following main categories.

  • Cruise Schedule coordination/printing
  • Opening Day Boat Parade Coordination and oversight
  • Oregon State Marine Board, River Patrol support, Boating agencies
  • Boater and life Jacket safety
  • Projects that support better boating experiences for Boaters

Our Mission is to help make recreational boating better by promoting new and improved facilities, water safety and training options for the boating community. It is also to be the conduit between member clubs and county, state and federal programs that facilitate and promote these goals.


Current Issues:

Beacon Rock docks closed!  Pumpout is hopefully to be repaired soon - Dock repairs are awaiting permits.

Government Island Clean up - The Rangers have asked specifically from Schwitter dock to Commodores Cove Shoreline help.

Martin Slough Dock - Please, do not go ashore in the cove.  The Island is privately owned and the owner does not want any visitors.